Group Executive Council

Tata Sons announced the formation of the Group Executive Council (GEC) on April 30, 2013. The GEC, chaired by the Group Chairman, Cyrus P Mistry, will comprise executives of Tata Sons and will provide strategic and operational support to the Chairman. The GEC, under the aegis of the Tata Sons board, will now assume responsibility for all the roles earlier performed by the Group Corporate Centre (GCC) and the Group Executive Office (GEO).

The mandate of the GEC is to own and drive the delivery of the core purpose of Tata Sons, which is long term value creation for all stakeholders. The agenda of the GEC includes, inter alia, return on investment with a long term perspective; support for and shaping of the agenda for philanthropy; preserving and enhancing the reputation of the Tata name; defining and driving a Tata way of working for group companies; and playing a proactive role so that the group fulfils its responsibility as a global corporate citizen. The GEC will work closely with and partner the boards, CEOs and senior management of various Tata companies. Members of the GEC have been assigned responsibilities by the Group Chairman, and will lead various strategic functions besides also serving as nominees of Tata Sons on the boards of Tata companies.