The legend and his legacy

The Tata group pays tribute to a visionary leader who worked tirelessly to shape the future of India

A legendary leader >
Jamsetji Tata’s vision and business acumen would have been enough to mark him as an extraordinary figure, but what made him truly unique, the quality that places him in the pantheon of modern India’s greatest sons, was his humaneness

The birthplace story >
The sleepy town in Gujarat where Jamsetji Tata was born, and spent the initial 13 years of his life, always remained close to the Tata Founder’s heart, and he returned to it as often as he could

An industry pioneer
Jamsetji Tata was a patriot and a humanist whose ideals and vision shaped an exceptional business conglomerate
An icon and an ideal >
Raymond Bickson, managing director of Indian Hotels Company, talks about the torchbearing role played by the Taj Group and the ways in which it continues to uphold Jamsetji's vision
Steel in his soul >
Jamsetji Tata defied naysayers, hostile regulations and failing health to turn his dream of a steel enterprise into reality, says TV Narendran, managing director, Tata Steel, and he inspired generations of employees with his monumental deeds
  Shaping a grand vision >
More than a century ago, Jamsetji Tata pioneered an industrial breakthrough for modern India, and Tata Power, says its managing director, Anil Sardana, has followed in his path
  The mills of change >
By establishing and developing several mills, Jamsetji Tata aimed to increase India’s industrial prosperity
  Other experiments >
Apart from Jamsetji Tata's major undertakings, he had numerous minor interests, all driven by the spirit of patriotism, to bring the best to his country

A votary of higher learning
Jamsetji established the JN Tata Endowment to enable Indian students to pursue higher studies in England and worked tirelessly for setting up the Indian Institute of Science

Bastion of learning >
Jamsetji Tata was a tireless votary for the setting up of the Indian Institute of Science, a cradle for many of India’s greatest minds

The gift that keeps on giving >
One of the first educational scholarships in the world, the JN Tata Endowment has helped smooth the path for several meritorious Indians during a critical period of their academic lives

Photofeature >
The adventurous Jamsetji Tata was dearly loved and admired by his family, which he knit together with a bond of respect and affection. He had an impeccable sense of style too

Remembering the visionary >
A video on the life and times of Jamsetji, whose strong sense of values and spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship are a legacy that continues to guide Tata companies

Bombay: Citizen Jamsetji >
The Tata Founder contributed much to the development of India’s commercial capital, from setting up key industrial ventures in the city to supporting forums that nourished intellectual debate

World traveller
Jamsetji not only knew his country well, he knew the world as few other men of his time

The quotable Jamsetji >
Quotations that draw a vivid portrait of a visionary with a deep commitment to his country and its people

Lighter moments >
Jamsetji Tata was a pioneer and a world traveller, but his favourite moments were those spent with friends or books

An irreparable loss >
Obituaries and condolence messages on Jamsetji's death

The articles in this section are compiled from the cover story of the January 2014 issue of Tata Review and the special tabloid published to commemorate the 175th birth anniversary of the Tata group Founder Jamsetji Tata

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