November 2008 | Cynthia Rodrigues

The brand promise: Titan Eye+

Eye+ by Titan Industries is a new range of stylish eyewear, which offers over a thousand styles of eyeglasses, as well as a large collection of sunglasses and contact lenses

Eye+ is aimed at the fashion and style conscious customer. It is backed by the Titan guarantee of quality and promotes the concept of eyewear as fashion accessory. The Eye+ brand offers a wide array of products that coordinate eye gear with day wear, night wear, youth and children styles, etc.

Titan Eye +
The appeal of Eye+ lies in its attractive retail format. Customers are free to browse and try on as many frames as they please. Style consultants are present to guide buyers on shapes and colours that suit each individual’s facial structure.

Each Eye+ outlet has a choose-your-style section where customer preferences are captured by a web camera. These images are then used by customers under the guidance of experts present in the store, to choose the best option. The brand is expected to revolutionise the eye accessory market in the same way Tanishq revolutionised the jewellery market.

The brand inherits the values of trust, reliability and quality that customers associate with the Tata group. This association has helped it build a strong and loyal customer base among all customer segments.

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