January 2011 | Sujata Agrawal

Tata Communications International: Growth springboard

Tata Communications International (TCI) is the holding company for the international subsidiaries of Tata Communications and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Communications in India. Set up in 2004, it serves as an operating company with significant operations in Singapore, providing customers with communications services into and out of the city state

Business operations
Singapore, the headquarters for the international operations of Tata Communications, plays a pivotal role in the company’s global business. It acts as a springboard to the other markets in the region, and serves to coordinate all of TCI’s business and operational activities across Asia Pacific (APAC).
TCI, which now employs 120 people locally, has steadily increased its investments in Singapore. It manages and maintains the Singapore landing station for the India-Asia cable and the internet data centre at Tata Communications Exchange (TCX). The company offers international and national voice and data transmission services, selling and leasing of bandwidth on undersea cable systems, internet dial-up and broadband services, and a host of value-added services. TCI is regulated by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.
Key achievements in 2010
Tata Communications invested significantly in Asia during the year, with an emphasis on Singapore. It launched its TCX data centre, investing $180 million in the building and infrastructure of the state-of-the-art data centre in Singapore. It also opened the first public Telepresence room in Singapore, along with its partner the Rendezvous Hotel Group.
The company launched its next-generation ethernet network across 24 nodes globally. The uptake for ethernet services in Asia has been steady and enterprises have been early movers of this technology.
Encouraged by the successful launch of its cloud services in India, the company is set to meet the demand for cloud computing in Asia by offering a version to its APAC customers, during the first quarter of 2011.
Singapore will continue to be the anchor for all of Tata Communications APAC operations and will drive growth for the company in the region. The large-scale investment in the data centre in Singapore, coupled with its submarine cable build-out (TGN-IA), ensures scalability and global reach while delivering its commitment to meet customer requirements into and out of Singapore and the APAC region as a whole. Tata Communications will continue to be an active leader in offering superior services in emerging regions where it sees high growth potential and opportunities for customers.
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