August 2013 | Shalini Menon

Dal on call

Tata Chemicals’ Dal on Call service takes away some of the drudgery of grocery shopping and delivers a variety of nutritious, unpolished dals at the customer’s doorstep

A simple dish of rice and dal (generic term used for all split pulses) with dollops of ghee (clarified butter) on top is soul food that warms the cockles of the heart. Dal forms an essential component of the average Indian’s diet, providing protein and fibre in diets that are largely vegetarian (India has the highest number of vegetarians in the world).

Responding to consumer requests, Tata Chemicals has provided an alternative to visits to the local grocer and manually carrying back heavy packs of dal, namely, the Dal on Call service. The Dal on Call service comes from the Tata Chemicals I-Shakti Dals brand, India’s first national packaged brand of dals and pulses.

Now consumers can pick up the phone and dial a toll-free number (1 800 108 4488) to have their choice of I-Shakti Dals delivered at the doorstep — aesthetically packed, clean, natural and farm-fresh, even quantities as small as 3kg, and at no extra charge. Net-connected customers have the option of placing their orders online (at The payment mode is cash on delivery.

Tata Chemicals’ range of dals and pulses is large and includes toor (red gram), chana (chickpea), moong (green gram), urad (black gram) and masoor (red lentil). There are also options in whole and split (with and without skin) dals and besan (chickpea flour).

What makes I-Shakti Dals extra appealing is that they are unpolished and natural. Polishing dals results in a loss of nutritional qualities and the unhygienic methods used for processing and polishing lead to the addition of harmful impurities such as marble powder, leather polish, oil polish, etc. I-Shakti Dals take the same time for cooking as the polished ones, without compromising on quality and good health. I-Shakti Dals retain their natural and farm-fresh purity as they are laser-sorted and machine-cleaned before being graded and packed. The company has also tied up with National Collateral Management Services, an ISO 9001-2008 accredited agency, for testing the dals.

As of now, Tata Chemicals has introduced the Dal on Call service for consumers in select areas of Delhi and in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. The company plans to extend the services to other cities in time.