June 2016 | Namrata Narasimhan

Tata Management Training Centre

A gracious heritage structure in Pune, India, houses the Tata Management Training Centre, the Tata group's learning and development arm. Glimpses of training facilities at the centre

The building and land that today houses the Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC) once belonged to leading solicitor FE Dinshaw. In 1918, Mr Dinshaw approached the renowned Scottish architect George Wittet to build him a country home. Incidentally, George Wittet is also known for his creation of Mumbai’s iconic monument, the Gateway of India, and Bombay House — the Tata group’s headquarters.

  • TMTC is the learning arm of the Tata group’s human resources function. It was founded in 1959 by JRD Tata, then chairman of the Tata group, and moved into its present location in the heart of Pune in 1966. Positioned primarily as an in-house training centre for the Tata group, as it grew in its facilities and expertise, it started offering its services to non-Tata companies and later, with the growth of the Tata group, to Tata companies situated outside India.
    Photographs: Tata Management Training Centre archives
  • The campus has five main classrooms with theatre and flexible seating styles, 32 residential rooms, a dining hall which can accommodate 120 people at any given point of time, a well-stocked library named ‘Gyansarovar’, a modern gymnasium, and tennis and badminton courts.
    Photographs: Tata Management Training Centre archives
  • Every year, more than 4,000 Tata managers and leaders undergo training programmes offered by TMTC. The centre runs multi-tiered leadership programmes covering a wide array of topics, digital learning programmes (to make the various programmes geographically accessible) and occasionally customised leadership training for individual companies.
    Photographs: Tata Management Training Centre archives