Interviews and stories

'We have met our profit targets consistently'
June 2017 | Philip Chacko

Vembu Muthukumaran, chief executive of Tata International subsidiary Bachi Shoes, speaks about how the company meets profit targets and customer expectations

Best foot forward
June 2017 | Philip Chacko

Footwear design is a strength Tata International has nurtured down the years to win over customers in some of the world's most demanding markets

'Staying one step ahead of global fashion is the key to success'
June 2016 | Priyanka Hosangadi

Debashish Das, head, leather garments, Tata International, speaks about the company's leather product business, its impact on global fashion and its plans to become the number one manufacturer

Steeling for the future
April 2016

For the metals division of Tata International, these are tough times especially with the global steel sector undergoing a crisis. A look at how the company managed to expand its business while navigating the challenges

Putting the best foot forward
January 2016

Tata International's subsidiaries Moveon and MC Italian Footwear Agency have perfected the art of crafting impeccable shoes combining style and comfort

'We will consolidate our business here'
January 2016 | Sangeeta Menon

Alfred Egli, head, minerals vertical, Tata International Singapore Pte, says that that the company is set to do more than achieve its 7-million-tonne target for the year

The sole story
November 2015 | Shalini Menon

Tata International has journeyed far to become the preferred supplier of leather products to high-fashion international brands

Feat accomplished
November 2015 | Shalini Menon

TIL's journey to becoming a leading manufacturer of world-class leather products is a story of grit, gumption and reward

'We do more than sell shoes; we sell emotions'
November 2015 | Shalini Menon

The global head of TIL's leather products business, N Mohan, speaks about the company's plans to evolve into a branded business with a presence across the value chain

The shaping of classics
November 2015 | Shalini Menon

Stylish cuts and curves, vibrant colours and - walking on a cloud - Tata International's footwear creations have it all. Take this photo tour of the Chennai facility to know how they are crafted, and the range in which they come

Where the shoe fits
November 2015 | Cynthia Rodrigues

Tata International's affirmative action programme has boosted women from the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes by providing them with jobs at the company's leather complex in Dewas

'Good business and financial practices are important'
October 2015

The emphasis on good business and financial practices have helped the Tata group earn trust, says Behram Sabawala, CFO, Tata International's distribution vertical at Tata Africa

'Heartening to work at a place that makes you feel good'
October 2015 | Philip Chacko

Ayushi Kalra, a business development manager with Tata International's footwear division, says the company is committed to empowering women

'I could not have come this far without the encouragement of my company'
October 2015 | Philip Chacko

Geethpriya Aravind, head of human resources at the leather and leather products business at Tata International in Chennai, says that the organisation is a stellar example of an equal-opportunity employer

'We are provided with opportunities to implement our own ideas'
October 2015 | Philip Chacko

Mallika Jagad, manager, business development, leather garments at Tata International, talks about the company's open and honest culture within and across various verticals and businesses

'The thinking and culture here are very progressive'
October 2015 | Philip Chacko

Neha Bagga, manager (sales), footwear business at Tata International, talks about how the company instills belief and assurance in the employees

'Expanding our global footprint beyond South Asia'
September 2015

Tata International plans to expand its international footprint in the next 5-10 years, says Alfred Egli, the global head of the company's minerals trading vertical

'Our employees stay with us longer'
September 2015

Bachi Shoes (BSL) - based in Chennai - is a leading manufacturer of footwear, especially kids' shoes. Its major production centres are in Tamil Nadu. BSL became a subsidiary of Tata International on November 1, 2010. Excerpts from an interview with V Muthukumaran, the CEO of BSL

'Scale is necessary for a trading company'
April 2015 | Christabelle Noronha

Tata International (TIL) has chalked out an aggressive growth strategy based on acquisitions and organic growth. Excerpts from an interview with managing director Noel Tata

'Need to reach higher level of profitability to fund sustained growth'
April 2015 | Christabelle Noronha

With growth in revenues making an impressive climb over the last four years - improving reach and bargaining power - Tata International has turned its attention to enhancing profitability. That's the principal challenge facing Noel Tata, the managing director of Tata International, as he explains in this interview to Christabelle Noronha. Excerpts: