Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company

The Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company (TDCV) is South Korea's second largest manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty trucks. Formerly part of the Daewoo Group, the company was acquired by Tata Motors in 2004. With the acquisition of TDCV, Tata Motors has grown to become the world's fifth largest manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicles. 

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A decade of excellence

A decade after its acquisition, Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company, the first acquired company outside India to adopt TBEM, is reaping the benefits of embracing the excellence movement


Acquired by Tata Motors in 2004, the Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company has emerged as a global player in the comprehensive commercial vehicles manufacturing sector. The company has a product portfolio of over 75 types of trucks and exports its vehicles to more than 60 countries worldwide, including the UAE, South Africa, China, India and Algeria, and countries in Eastern Europe. The company is headquartered in Gunsan, South Korea.