Casa Décor

Casa Décor is a joint venture between the Tata group and Poltrona Frau Group (Italy), a leader in luxury furnishings. The company offers a wide variety of furniture and design products that are handcrafted in Italian workshops. Styles range from classic to modern to functional to veritable objects of art, with a distinct emphasis on craftsmanship, heritage and luxury.

Casa Décor

The company employs a unique method of project design which involves partnering with clients from the conceptualisation phase up until crafting customised design solutions, implementation, execution and after-sales service.

Areas of business

Casa Décor participates in the retail and contract businesses in the Indian interior design market. It offers a combination of different business models, providing a one stop solution to customers in the following areas:

  • Design (concept, design and execution)
  • Contract (collaboration with a designer to execute the designer's concept and comply with specifications)
  • Soft-contract (limited customisation of existing products)
  • Standard (ready-made pieces)
The company’s portfolio of services and brands provides turnkey solutions to customers spread across a wide array of sectors including residences, offices, hotel rooms and public spaces, food and beverage establishments, retail showrooms, theatres and auditoriums, yachts and special projects such as museums, airline seats and lounges.


Casa Décor is headquartered in Mumbai. The company's showroom, Poltrona Frau Group Design Center, is also located in Mumbai and Bengaluru.
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