Landmark is one of the leading retailers of books and music in India. Established in 1987 as a book retailer in India, it became a part of Trent, the Tata company that runs the Westside retail chain, in 2005.


Today, Landmark has 13 stores across India in addition to seven hotel bookstores in some of the country’s leading hotels, and five airports stores.

Areas of business

Landmark currently deals in the following product lines:

  • Books: Landmark has the widest range of titles with over 120,000 titles across different sections including bestsellers, business guides, fiction, biographies and many more.
  • Music: Landmark offers an extensive selection of music in English, Hindi and other regional languages.
  • Movies and gaming: Landmark houses a wide range of movies in VCD, DVD and Blu-ray formats. The store also has a section dedicated to gamers; it stocks all the latest games and consoles.
  • Stationery: The product portfolio includes office utilities, diaries, files, writing instruments, gift wrapping paper, table accessories etc.
  • Magazines: All major English magazines published and available in India and abroad are available at every Landmark store.
  • Gifts: The gift section caters to all age groups and corporate entities. Trendy jewellery, crystal, watches, sunglasses, luggage, perfumes and leather products are available.
  • Home store: The home store at Landmark stocks everything from candles and mats to crockery and furnishings.
  • Electronics: Landmark’s Tech Zone stocks a wide range of gizmos from laptops to cell phones to digital cameras to DVD players to printers to scanners to MP3 players to GPS devices and computer accessories.
  • Toys: The Kids Zone in Landmark has an extensive range of toys followed by an entire section devoted to children's books and stationery.
The company has an online e-store called and its own distribution business (Westland) that supplies books to all Landmark stores as well as other retailers. The chain also acts as an event host for book launches and promotions, quiz shows, music promotions, etc.


Landmark is headquartered in Chennai and has stores in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune and Vadodra.

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