Tata UniStore

Tata UniStore (TUL) is the company behind TataCLiQ.com, India's latest destination for authentic and exclusive brands.

Tata UniStore

Areas of business

TataCLiQ.com was incubated under the aegis of Tata Industries with the idea of re-inventing online shopping in India, by developing a differentiated e-commerce proposition for shoppers and brand partners. TUL built a complex technology stack which could provide a single view of orders, stock and customers across online and store channels, thereby providing customers with a seamless shopping experience.

TUL went live with TataCLiQ.com and mobile apps in late May 2016. TataCLiQ.com offers:

  • Indian and international marquee brands with dedicated online stores on TataCLiQ.com.
  • A revolutionary multi-brand Phygital experience that gives customers added convenience and an authentic brand experience.
  • A wide assortment across apparel, footwear, mobiles, and appliances and other electronics, with plans to add more.


The registered office of the company is in Mumbai.

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