December 10, 2016

Tata Central Archives celebrates 25 glorious years of the Tata legacy

Pune: Tata Central Archives (TCA) celebrated its silver jubilee with an exhibition showcasing its achievements and a symposium on “Collaborative Leadership” at the Tata Management Training Centre Campus (TMTC) in Pune. Dr Pheroza Godrej, chairperson, Godrej Archives Council, chief guest for the occasion, inaugurated the exhibition.

Dr Pheroza Godrej, chairperson, Godrej Archives Council and Farokh N Subedar, chairman, Tata Services and chief pperating officer, Tata Sons, going through the display at the inaugural ceremony of Tata Central Archives (TCA) silver jubilee exhibition

While the exhibition highlighted several key milestones in TCA’s journey, the symposium on ‘Collaborative Leadership’ shed light on the evolution of archiving. The TCA has grown to become the proud custodian of over 16 lakh non-active Tata-related archival records of evidential and historical value. These include over 15 lakhs print and digital documents, over 75,000 still images, 500 plus audio and video recordings and collections of memorabilia spanning over the last fifteen decades. Additionally, the collections comprise paintings, awards like the Bharat Ratna, medals and citations. TCA has worked proactively to protect the historical legacy for future generations through appropriate preservation and conservation methods in climate controlled repositories with sophisticated security and surveillance systems. Over the years, TCA has been a central point of information and a centre for research, for Tata companies, scholars and the public on the rich history of the group. Furthermore, it has curated and organised over 20 thematic exhibitions on various Tata personalities, companies and institutions across the country.

The chief guest Dr Godrej, said, “This is a remarkable milestone for an institution that not only showcases the genesis and history of the Tata group but also highlights in parallel the integral role that the group has played in India’s industrialisation. The Tata Central Archives has created this opportunity that will allow future generations to witness and relive the rich legacy of the Tatas.”

Farokh N Subedar, chairman, Tata Services and chief operating officer, Tata Sons, said, “The Tata Central Archives is the custodian of the Tata Heritage. It gives me immense pleasure to celebrate its 25th year which is a testament to the deep respect for the records and to capture their historical significance that JRD Tata desired to institutionalise.”