June 05, 2017

Tata Elxsi announces new customer win for their autonomous vehicle platform Autonomai

License agreement with a leading global automotive OEM for their driverless car programme

Bengaluru: Tata Elxsi, a global design and technology services company, and a leader for automotive electronics and software engineering services, announced that they have licensed their advanced autonomous vehicle middleware platform – Autonomai – to one the world’s top 10 automotive OEMs for their driverless car programme.

Speaking about this licensing agreement, Nitin Pai, SVP, marketing, said, “The future of the car is gearing up for autonomous driving technology, including advances in artificial intelligence, sensors, cameras, radar and data analytics. This will transform not only how we drive or be driven but also the idea of car ownership itself. At Tata Elxsi, we are already working on the latest automotive technology solutions driven by emerging industry requirements for cyber-security, safety, and comfort and user experience, and this licensing agreement is an affirmation that we are on the right track to deliver these advanced requirements.”

Autonomai, Tata Elxsi’s advanced autonomous vehicle middleware platform, with deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, is designed to help OEMs and system suppliers build, test and deploy customisable autonomous vehicle applications.

Autonomai’s modular architecture comprises perception, guidance navigation and control, and drive-by-wire systems. It includes algorithms for key aspects such as lane, vehicle and pedestrian detection, path planning, sensor fusion, object tracking, GPS/INS-based vehicle state estimation, 3D mapping and localisation.

Autonomai supports integration of a combination of sensor technologies such as lidar, radar, ultrasonic sensors and mono/stereo cameras to suit customer requirements. It comes pre-integrated with extensive validation datasets, and support for AI and deep learning to enable the autonomous vehicles of the future.