Staying ahead of the curve
September 2014 |

N Chandrasekaran, MD of Tata Consultancy Services, takes time out to talk about what it means to be one of the big four in the IT busines

'TBEM is all about embedding a spirit of constant improvements'
July 2014 | Christabelle Noronha

As a senior Tata leader, Prasad Menon has invested several years in the Tata business excellence journey.  In this interview, Mr Menon shares his perspective on how TBEM has impacted the Tata group, along with some of his experiences

'Our companies are our primary customers'
July 2014 | Cynthia Rodrigues

A former executive director of Tata Consultancy Services and Tata Power, S Padmanabhan has just stepped into his role as executive chairman of Tata Quality Management Services (TQMS). In this interview, Mr Padmanabhan talks about how both TBEM and TQMS are constantly evolving to stay in sync with the group’s vision for business excellence

'We wanted to make a meaningful difference to the quality of education'
July 2014 | Nithin Rao

Tata ClassEdge, which was recently spun off as a separate entity from Tata Interactive Systems, has launched two new products. Nirav Khambhati, CEO, Tata ClassEdge, talks about these new developments

Scrap to steel
July 2014 | Shubha Madhukar

Based in Singapore, NatSteel is a leading provider of reinforcement steel across the Asia Pacific region and has a combined annual steel production capacity of over 2 million tonnes. CEO Vivek Kamra speaks about investments, opportunities, expansion plans, safety and more

'My role is to harness people potential for the greater good'
July 2014 | Cynthia Rodrigues

Chief human resources officer and member of the Group Executive Council of Tata Sons, NS Rajan, speaks about the group’s plans for augmenting the talent pool, attracting the younger generation and pushing the gender diversity agenda across the group

'India must brand its natural and cultural resources'
April 2014 | Christabelle Noronha

With his concise and straightforward manner of speaking, Dr Nirmalya Kumar has a knack for making light his formidable academic and business credentials. Graduating with first rank from Calcutta University was the beginning of an exceptional academic career that saw Dr Kumar complete his masters in business administration from the University of Illinois before getting a PhD in marketing from the Kellogg School of Management

April 2014

From forming ethical tea partnerships to aiming for zero waste, from engineering services outsourcing to dealing in millions of tonnes of minerals and metals globally, Tata companies are ready to push boundaries for sustainable growth

April 2014 | Gayatri Kamath

Underscoring its strong standing as a world-class IT company, Tata Consultancy Services has built a global network of innovation labs. Chief technology officer K Ananth Krishnan speaks about TCS’s innovation programmes and how they deliver value

A global citizen reflects good aspects from various cultures in himself
April 2014

In an interview to Accenture's Vaahini network, Dr Nirmalya Kumar, member, Group Executive Council, Tata group, speaks about the factors that mould an individual into a global citizen

'We continue to expand our global footprint'
April 2014 | Sangeeta Menon

For Jaguar Land Rover, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, financial year 2013-14 was one of 'solid performance', with record growth in all six of its key regions. In an interview, CEO Dr Ralf Speth attributes the success to 'stunning new products with innovative technologies'

'This year helped us introspect and become stronger'
April 2014 | Vibha Rao

For Titan Company, fiscal 2013-14 was in many ways a landmark year as it underwent a name change and launched two new categories in the form of fine fragrances and helmets. In this interview, Bhaskar Bhat, managing director, Titan Company, talks about the challenges his company faced in its silver jubilee year, its growth strategy for the coming three years, sustainability, and much more

'We continue to grow in a difficult market'
April 2014 | Sangeeta Menon

Within months of taking over as managing director of Tata Steel (India and South East Asia), TV Narendran set the ball rolling as far as future growth for the company is concerned. He talks on regulations, the challenges his company faced in the last year, growth prospects for next year, and his focus on making Tata Steel more confident, creative, and collaborative

'We have come out stronger'
April 2014 | Jai Wadia

Tata Projects, one of the fastest growing infrastructure companies in India, has expertise in executing large and complex industrial infrastructure projects. The company has seven business verticals — power, transmission, metals and minerals, railways, water, oil and gas, and quality services. Vinayak Deshpande, managing director, Tata Projects, talks about its performance in fiscal 2013-14 and discusses its future plans in an interview

'Technology is a key pillar for our growth'
April 2014 | Sujata Agrawal

Tata Global Beverages is on a mission to lead the world in 'good for you' beverages. The world's second-largest tea company aims to create 'magical beverage moments' for consumers across the world through its brands. In this interview, Ajoy Misra, CEO and MD, Tata Global Beverages, talks about the high points of the company in 2013-14 and its focus on building brands the sustainable way

'In 5-7 years, our business picture will be very different'
April 2014 | Gayatri Kamath

Heading into its 75th year of operations, Tata Chemicals' new roadmap sees the company expanding its farm and consumer businesses significantly over the next five years. New growth will come from the two potentially powerful businesses of farm inputs and food and nourishment products, says managing director R Mukundan, as he talks about the manoeuvres expected in the years ahead

'The biggest challenge is cultural diversity'
April 2014 | Gayatri Kamath

Managing director Noel Tata's typical workday is 'challenging', because he heads two huge and vastly different concerns — Trent and Tata International. Asked what it's like to straddle these two different worlds, Mr Tata replies with a laugh, "It's fascinating!" In this interview, Mr Tata gives us an insider's view of his two worlds and his vision for the two companies

'We will rekindle the spirit of growth this year'
April 2014 | Sangeeta Menon

For Tata Power, financial year 2014-15 could well be a landmark year as it gets ready to go back to growth mode. Managing director Anil Sardana speaks about the plans lined up, including new markets and opportunities, and challenges posed by the Mundra Ultra Mega Power Project

'Our aim is to be among the top five NBFCs in India'
April 2014 | Nithin Rao

A one-stop financial services provider, Tata Capital caters to the diverse needs of retail, corporate and institutional customers across various areas of business. Praveen P Kadle, managing director and chief executive officer, Tata Capital, talks about the company's performance in 2013-14, the role of subsidiary companies in the overall growth of the company and other focus areas

'Innovation is a pre-requisite for any successful company'
April 2014 | Nithin Rao

Tata Technologies is a global provider of engineering services outsourcing, product development, IT services and product life cycle management solutions. In this interview, Warren Harris , president and global chief operating officer of Tata Technologies, talks about the company's growth in 2013-14, challenges and opportunities in the Indian market, importance of innovation, sustainability and much more