Surya Aranya: 'Forest of the sun'
April 2014 | Nithin Rao and Lionel Alva

Amar Sinhji, head, human resources and corporate sustainability, Tata Capital, in an interview with Nithin Rao and Lionel Alva, talks about Surya Aranya, the innovative lighting project, and other green energy and sustainability initiatives

Fast tracks
March 2014

Dr Mukund Rajan, brand custodian and chief ethics officer, Tata Sons, and member of the Group Executive Council, in conversation with Narain Karthikeyan, India's first F1 driver, who says that without the Tata group's support he wouldn't be where he is today

Building on success
March 2014 |

With Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE) celebrating its golden jubilee year, managing director JP Haran talks about the company's achievements to date, the challenges ahead, and the strategies that will help TCE strengthen its advantages in a globally competitive market

'It is a challenge, but I’m learning every day'
January 2014 | Sangeeta Menon

Dr Mukund Rajan is the Tata group’s brand custodian, chief ethics officer and the chairman of the Tata Council for Community Initiatives. Dr Rajan talks about how the three roles make sense together, and why the evolution of the Tata brand needs to remain sustainable

'We want to be a global benchmark'
January 2014 | Christabelle Noronha

The name has changed and so has the game, and with it the growth trajectory of Tata Steel Processing and Distribution (TSPDL), India’s largest steel service centre and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Steel. In this interview, TSPDL’s managing director, Sandipan Chakravortty, talks about the organisation’s evolution, the reinvention that has enabled it to stay ahead of the competition and how it is gearing up for a brighter future.

More than by the book
January 2014 | Christabelle Noronha

Kyle Zimmer, who cofounded First Book in 1992 and is currently its president, speaks about the organization and its partnership with the Tata group

A new dawn under the sun
October 2013 | Vibha Rao

A year has passed since BP’s joint venture with Tata (Tata BP Solar) ended and Tata Power Solar Systems came into being. Ajay Goel, the chief executive of the new enterprise, talks about the solar energy industry, the company’s new business strategy and the various challenges it faces

Living out the studied life
October 2013 | Nithin Rao

The unassuming and affable Veeramani Shankar, managing director and chief executive of Rallis India, opens up on his student days, the value system that has sustained him and his career with the Tata group

'If anyone can pull this off, it is the Tata group'
October 2013 | Sangeeta Menon
Tata Consultancy Services vice chairman S Ramadorai has been a key inspiration for the group’s skills-development initiative. Here, the chairman of the National Skills Development Agency and the National Skills Development Corporation talks about the importance of the project
'The Tata group has always believed in nation building'
October 2013 | Sangeeta Menon

Dr Mukund Rajan, chairman, Tata Council for Community Initiatives, speaks on why Tata companies are joining hands to address the skills-building priority

'The loyalty of our guests will drive and sustain us'
October 2013 | Sujata Agrawal and Cynthia Rodrigues
Raymond Bickson has been the managing director of Indian Hotels for close to a decade. In this interview with Sujata Agrawal and Cynthia Rodrigues, the consummate hotelier speaks about his plans to make the Taj a bigger global brand, and his satisfaction in heading an organisation where employees feel a sense of pride and ownership
'People’s perception of luxury and their demands are constantly changing'
October 2013 |
Digvijay Singh, general manager at Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, believes that being customer-centric is critical to surviving in the hospitality industry
'I get great satisfaction when I am able to help customers'
August 2013 |

Cristina Velasco, account manager, talks about her role at Tata Chemicals Europe and how the company is gearing up to take on new challenges in developing countries in Asia and Latin America

"It is quite common at Tata Chemicals for fathers and sons to have worked in the same place"
August 2013 |
John Reissing is a project manager at Tata Chemicals Europe (formerly Brunner Mond). In September 2013, he will complete 32 years at Tata Chemicals. In this interview, he speaks about the long history his family shares with Tata Chemicals, and the changes in operations since his great grandfather’s time
Down memory lane
August 2013 | Nitin Rao

A Tata veteran with 41 years of experience in companies such as Tata Motors and Tata AutoComp Systems (Tata AutoComp), RS Thakur had a ringside view of some of the most challenging and exciting phases of the auto industry in India. The managing director and CEO of Tata AutoComp, who retires in September, talks about the highs and lows of his career

'We must correct a historic injustice'
July 2013 | Sangeeta Menon

B Muthuraman, head of the Tata group's Affirmative Action Forum, chairman of the CII National Council on Affirmative Action and vice chairman of Tata Steel, speaks to Sangeeta Menon about the affirmative action agenda and why it is time for the private sector to create more opportunities for the country's marginalised communities

'This has been the unfolding of a vision'
July 2013 | Christabelle Noronha
For RK Krishna Kumar, who retired as a director of Tata Sons on July 18, 2013, perhaps the most fulfilling of his many accomplishments was an endeavour that had little to do with business, the setting up of the Tata Medical Center in Kolkata
New horizons
July 2013 |

After a decade of successful growth, mjunction services is focusing its business lens on creating customer value. CEO and managing director Viresh Oberoi talks about the company’s new vision

Celebrating royal history
July 2013 |
Jaguar Land Rover, the official motor partner for the Royal Preview of the Coronation Festival and the only automotive manufacturer to hold all three Royal Warrants, will be at the Coronation Festival that will promote the best of the UK by showcasing innovation and excellence. The four-day Festival will be held in the gardens of the Buckingham Palace from 11 to 14 July, 2013
Value is the watchword
July 2013 | Christabelle Noronha
A trading intermediary in today's world, says Tata International (TIL) chairman B Muthuraman, "needs to add value to its offerings to make a meaningful contribution to customers." The company has set itself up to achieve that and more as it reframes its objectives and remodels its operational structure. Mr Muthuraman about what TIL needs to do to realise its objectives