June 30, 2017

Tata International's Solar Projects team delivers largest projects to date

Tata International’s Module Mounting Systems (Solar Projects) team has crossed another milestone in its journey to becoming one of India’s leading comprehensive DC solar solutions providers, having successfully commissioned two projects totaling to 160MW in Andhra Pradesh on June 30, 2017. The projects are part of one of the largest single-location solar projects in the world, the Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park.

Both these projects are noteworthy accomplishments; the 60MW project is the largest DC project undertaken by the company, while the 100MW plant is the largest project delivered to date.

Mammoth efforts were required for execution, with a cumulative material supply of almost 4,250MT, employing close to 70 engineers on site and a manpower strength of 600.

The speed and quality of execution for these projects proved to be above industry average and both clients were appreciative of the teams’ efforts. The 100MW plant was completed in record time.

The successful delivery of the extended scope of work for DC projects has positioned Tata International as a comprehensive DC solutions provider. The excellence in execution demonstrated has opened up additional opportunities for the company, with new projects across a number of sites already under execution and more projects in the pipeline.